Sleep Facts

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Sleep facts for new parents

Research conducted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists suggests that Postnatal Depression affects more than 1 in 10 mums and that they could be helped hugely by getting a better night sleep.
  1. Did you know that research has shown that newborn babies just over an hour old are able to respond and mimic our facial expressions? This is amazing as it means that we can shape their behaviour simply by closing or opening our eyes or mouth. (Kotsoni, De Hann & Johnson 2005)
  2. A baby’s melatonin level is high enough for them to start sleeping for longer periods of time at night at around the 60th day of life. (Chronobiology 2017)
  3. Did you know just as we talk in our sleep people who are Sign Language experts can also sign in their sleep. (Nai Damato ASL Intepretor)
  4. Newborn babies typically sleep for 16-19 hours a day. Whilst they are in the womb they borrow their mother’s circadian rhythm. When they are born they have no idea as to whether it is day or night and it will take until they are about 6 months old for their circadian rhythm to fully mature.
  5. 10% of new mums suffer from post natal depression which could be helped with a better nights sleep. (Royal College of Psychiatrists)

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