Happy Clients

We love receiving feedback from happy clients who have used Help Baby Sleep for their babies and infants.  It’s so wonderful to hear that parents who have implemented our plans are starting to see improvements and getting some rest for themselves too.

Happy Clients

“Emma at Help Baby Sleep is just wonderful, she has provided so much calm, sensible and gentle advice that made life with a small baby and a toddler workable – enjoyable even. I cannot thank her enough for all the help that she has provided, she’s been 100% worth it.”
Mrs Spooner- Oxfordshire ( Baby Girl 4 months and Little Boy ,2 years)

“Thank you Emma, you have been invaluable. Our 1 year old daughter (Lily) is now sleeping so much better thanks to your guidance and much needed support. You are a fountain of knowledge and clearly very passionate about helping parents get some downtime and much needed sleep! Lily has really benefited from your personalised approach and we as parents feel empowered with the knowledge we need to improve and maintain Lily’s sleep routine. Nothing has phased you because you are always full of ideas, advise and experience to draw on. Lily is thriving on her new routine and now content in her cot. We are thrilled!! Thank you again, we have no hesitations in recommending you to any sleep deprived parents!”
Mrs Guest – Barnes ( Mum to Baby Girl, 10 months)

“Emma helped to tweak our bedtime routine with some really lovely ideas to set up sleep ques and remove certain sleep associations. We took a gradual approach and worked to our time line which really paid off. We are now seeing our 16th month old confidently fall asleep on his own in his cot and self soothe in the night. We never thought we would get to this! Thanks so much Emma for your help and amazing advice.
D Chapman- Ealing ( Mum to Baby Boy, 16 months)

“Emma is brilliant. Not only did she have my little boy settling himself within two weeks but I found that she also helped me to stay calm and realise that I had done nothing wrong. If you are looking for help in getting your baby to sleep/ settle then Emma is the one for your. Thank you Emma!”
Mrs Strange – Surrey (Mum to Baby Boy, 11 months)

“Emma is so kind, supportive and always looking for what works well for the whole family. The plans she gives are so gentle, gradual, very informative and made me think about the whole sleeping process from a different perspective. ”
A Hussein – Kingston (Mum to Baby Girl, 17 months)

“Thank you so much Emma. Not only have you given me wonderful guidance in getting Evie’s sleep better but you have been a fantastic support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and if I ever need help again, I will certainly be calling upon you.”
Mrs Morrison – Chiswick ( Mum to Baby Girl, 9 months)

“Hi Emma I just wanted to thank you again for help that you gave us at the Power Hour in Ealing. Max started sleeping through the night is still going strong. It really is life changing. I’ve passed your details onto a number of people so hopefully you can work your magic on them as well.”
L Grant- Ealing ( Mum to Baby Boy)

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of having Emma’s support, with my 8 month old daughter’s settling and napping issues. From our initial telephone chat, I was instantly impressed with Emma and couldn’t wait to get started. Emma is very warm, easy to talk to and incredibly supportive. I instantly felt at ease sharing my situation with her. She gave me a sense of new found confidence and I felt less anxious having Emma to guide me through.  It really felt like a team effort from the start. The sleep plan that Emma devised for us was exceptionally well thought out, with an incredibly detailed and holistic approach; covering all aspects of our little one’s day. After implementing Emma’s suggestions, the change was almost immediate. I can never thank Emma, or recommend her enough!”
C Milner – Fulham ( Mum to Baby Girl, 8 months)

“After two years my husband and I were at the end of our tether. Our two year old had rarely slept through the night and we were running on empty. I reached out to Emma as we had run low on ideas. Emma was extremely supportive and understood our situation. She listened, coached and offered suggestions and we tried each one. The sleep diary was a great help for us to see the trends and how often he was waking. The last few weeks have not been without their moments however the future is looking brighter and restful! Thank you Emma”
C Harris  –  Brighton (Mum to little boy, 2 Years)

“I’ve known Emma for quite some years now! We’ve raised our children alongside each other and I can confidently say that she is full of  wisdom, is super calm and chilled and has been a fountain of knowledge and support to me when I  struggled to get my son to sleep in the first year. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her services…… thank you Emma! Love you loads x
P.S Follow her Insta page ‘Helpbabysleep’ for daily advice and top tips for naps and daily routines” –
A Stebbings – Surbiton ( Mum to little boy, 22 months)

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