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Holiday Sleep Tips

Holidays are an exciting and momentous time for everybody.  As with anything that involves changes and transitions, sleep can often be affected a little bit or a lot.

We are off to Italy at the end of this month.  Even though I may know a lot about sleep, I can assure you it doesn’t always mean I am immune to the  sleep hiccups that come with travelling!

Here are my TOP FIVE TRAVEL TIPS I will be using when I go away later this month to make every ones life that bit easier.

Comfort – Pack all your essential creature comforts that remind your child of their sleep space at home so you can recreate it when you arrive.

Familiarity – Put up photos next to your child’s bed so they feel safe even in a new space.

Block out that light! – Maintain a dark sleep environment and aim to cover up any chinks of light coming in through the windows, otherwise those cheeky holiday lie-ins might be a 5AM wakeup instead. I love and use regularly these brilliant travel blackout blinds by EASYBLINDS – they have two ways of attaching to your window which means the light has no chance of coming in.

Respect the routine – Stick to your sleep routines as much as possible.  Remember transitions and change are synonymous with anxiety.  Sleep routines are great, as they provide your child with predictability enabling them to feel safe and secure.

Practice using the travel cot at home: If you are going to be using a travel cot when you are away set it up at least five days before you go away. Have your child take naps in it so they get used to it in a familiar environment.

If you have found these tips useful and are soon to be taking off on your own personal vacation kids style,  perhaps you would like a personalised sleep plan for while you are away?  Book one of my 30 or 60 minute sleep SOS Troubleshooting calls and I can help put the ease back into travel for you.




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