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Holistic sleep coaching for babies

Any sleep-deprived parent will tell you that there is a wealth of information on the internet.  You can find all sorts of tips and tricks when you feel that your baby should be sleeping better.   It could be a myriad of articles, parent forums, sleep nanny’s or sleep coaches.  Here at Help Baby Sleep I talk about being a holistic sleep coach but what does that mean and what is holistic sleep coaching?

Put simply, a holistic sleep coach like me will look at the whole picture when it comes to helping you lay the foundations for improved sleep for both your baby and the rest of the family.  I use scientific evidence based research to build a bespoke plan.  The plan will be tailored for your baby and be appropriate for their age and stage.  We will then work together to implement it so that the outcome is a calmer and contented whole family unit.  You will have a sleep routine that is achievable and meeting  your needs.  I don’t advocate a “cry it out” or “controlled crying” method and I don’t promise super quick fixes but instead concentrate on putting a plan in place that leads to positive and sustainable improvements.

I wanted to share this testimonial which I received recently as I feel that it really brings to life the way that some new parents can be feeling at the start of working with me and how the holistic sleep coaching approach can help the whole family feel more confident and contented as a result of helping their child to have an improved sleep pattern.

Feedback on Emma from a Help Baby Sleep client

“I would consider the support Emma has given invaluable! We were heavily sleep deprived and it was affecting all areas and quality of life when we first started working with her. It feels like a lifetime ago, and a completely different me, now to look back on it.

Being a first time mum brings a lot of confusion I think anyway but I had reached a point where I felt the anxiety I was experiencing and chronic lack of sleep was darkening my experience of motherhood. I desperately wanted to feel like I could do the best for my baby and enjoy all of his magical moments!

How holistic sleep coaching helped

Emma helped me to believe in myself and my abilities. She helped me find my own confidence in supporting our baby and his sleep. Emma did this through her massive knowledge across so many areas of sleep and her calm understanding.  As she uses the holistic sleep coaching method, she didn’t promise miracles, and I didn’t need that! But she gave us a sleep plan that worked for OUR baby, constant advice and reading material along the way to support us. She would always offer more support on the phone if and when needed. She was flexible and we would tweak areas such as awake times if we thought it necessary.

Not once have I felt uncomfortable with any suggestions and I’ve never felt our long term or short term goals wouldn’t be achieved. Our baby now has two parents that have a confidence and consistent approach to night times and day sleep. I feel confident in approaching changes in sleep that lie ahead.

Now that we have finished, what has been the impact on our family?

It’s affected our whole family- we can take days out knowing they aren’t dictated by anxiety or nap worries. Night times we’re all getting the sleep we now need. Our baby is thriving and I have been able to go back to work feeling refreshed. I cannot recommend her enough.

My worries before were would she be able to make a difference knowing that I have read every book and article I could find and felt like I’d tried every approach I had come across, and would she be worth the money my maternity pay was going to struggle to afford! And our answer to both has been YES! Thank you for everything.”

Book your holistic sleep consultation today

It was wonderful to receive this testimonial and hear how much our service has helped the family.  I have worked with many families now with their own unique challenges.  I love working to support my clients to make more positive sleep outcomes.  This could support them with things such as night wakings, unsettled naps or early rising.

If you feel that you can recognise some similar patterns in this testimonial, please do get in touch.  I offer a free 15 minute call to discuss your needs.  I will then assess which would be the most appropriate support package for you.

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