10 more tips to help improve baby sleep

Welcome to  the second part of my popular Instagram Christmas Count down. Here are another “10 Top Tips” to help improve baby sleep and ensure you also get a better night sleep in 2019.

Number One – Pink Noise

The word lullaby means to sing to sleep. For the best effect turn up the music at bedtime with pink noise softly in the background.  Turn the pink noise up and allow it to continue playing after the music ends.

Number Two – Increase Day Time Feeds

Babies over 3 months old can become very distracted during the day.  This often means they don’t feed a lot and then need to make up for it at night time. It can be helpful to wear a brightly coloured necklace while you feed them.  This will help them to focus on breastfeeding for a little longer.

Number Three – Overtiredness

Does your little one fall asleep very quickly during the day only to then awake several times during the night?  This could be a result of sleep deprivation. Ideally they should take between 15-20 minutes to fall asleep at bedtime.  Anything less and they could be overtired.  Working on preventing sleep debt throughout the day will make a big difference to night-time baby sleep.

Number Four – Create Bedtime Harmony

Help make bedtimes easier and boost cooperation from your toddler. Enable them to feel strong and smart by once or twice a day making yourself seem silly and weak. You might like to act scared if he growls like a lion or have a race and let her win.

Number Five – Comforters

Are you struggling to introduce your baby to comforter/transitional object? Try putting your T-shirt over the teddy so they are naturally drawn towards your scent.

Number Six – Morning Light

Controlling when your little one goes to sleep at night and when they nap in the day is easier said than done. The one thing you can control though is what time you start the day.  Use the morning light to help reset their body clock.  Try and start your day within the same half an hour window.  If you need to wake up gently, rather than using an alarm clock, try the bedtime feature on your iPhone, it definitely saved my mental wellbeing.

Number Seven – Sibling Bedtimes

Do your little ones share a room which often results in a manic bedtime? If one of your children is older perhaps put your younger child to bed 15-20 minutes earlier than your older one. This way your little one is able to fall asleep and you get to spend quality one on one time with your older child.  This is often crucial for ensuring a smooth bedtime.

Number Eight – Diminishing Nightmares

If you go away together, your little ones may end up in rooms that they find scary or unfamiliar. A trick that works really well is to turn off the lights, sit with them in the dark and visually turn all the nasty looking shadows into friendly cuddly creatures.

Number Nine – Bed-time Modelling

Using modelling and role play during the day can be really brilliant in helping your baby sleep and get over their fears of being alone at night. You can start when they are as little as 6 months and have them follow you around while you act out the bedtime routine with a teddy or a stuffed animal.

With older children you might like to alternate who plays the role of the parent.  The idea is that by acting out the bedtime routine they are gently reassured that all is well when they go to sleep.

Number Ten – Oxytocin – the wonder hormone

Increasing your own oxytocin levels can do wonders when dealing with stressful situations surrounding sleep.  It helps increase your feelings of calmness and contentment.  A simple but effective way to do this is by listening to soothing music for 30 minutes a day, even better if you can sing along!

So there you have it; Part Two of my Christmas count down! If you missed Part One you can find it here.

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